About Us


Our Story: 

Welcome, everyone, to one of the world’s top natural supplement innovators - our very own Rigdon Labs. Currently based out of the United States of America - Mississippi, to be exact - Rigdon Labs aims to bring the full spectrum of what natural health can offer. Rigdon Labs is an upcoming health company for natural health products, created by the esteemed Mr. Rigdon, a leader in dietary supplements made with only the best ingredients and methods. Our story began when Mr. Rigdon was pressed with health difficulties during a stressful time of his life - we know many of you can relate to this situation. Mr. Rigdon had enough with conventional medical supplements, as they had brought him no success in healing his ailments - he needed natural solutions for his health instead. Our founder, Mr. Rigdon, having a truly entrepreneurial mind, decided to take matters into his own hands. After rigorous testing both inside the laboratory and out, countless hours of formulaic tweaking, and many meetings with major health experts, he finally had fabricated formulas he, a perfectionist, were satisfied with. Once his supplement formulas were complete and working, he allowed close friends and family try them. Every single person, all with a variety of health concerns, came back with positive feedback - Mr. Rigdon knew he had achieved something. Through more and more testing, we here at Rigdon Labs have proven time and time again that our natural, dietary supplements heal in the best way possible. We’ve earned the trust of our customers and uphold our strong reputation of carrying only the most effective products available - each from team of in-house dieticians and laboratory technicians. Let Rigdon Labs be your top choice - our fundamental mission is to provide natural, safe, dietary solutions for any and every hit your health may take, wherever you may be in our beautiful world.

We Are Real People! 

We are not another one of those "corporations" who do not truly care about their customers. We are not another one of those companies that give their customers harmful toxins and chemicals! No, we are one of those small companies that treats their customers as friends. We are your friends! Should you ever have any questions or even just want to talk to someone, give us a call or email! We would be happy to help you.