FULL RISK-FREE 60 DAY GUARANTEE. We offer an unheard of 60 DAY guarantee! You will find this guarantee no where else, only with Rigdon Labs! If you are ever unhappy with your product, or are not seeing the results you want, you may return your product for a full refund. This is how confident we are in our amazing products! There is literally no-risk when you choose Rigdon Labs. For returns, email

MADE WITH LOVE IN UTAH, USA. All our dietary supplements are created in UTAH, USA. We’ve initiated strict standards for our FDA-approved quality control at our manufacturing facility, and ensure all our supplements are manufactured to exceed expectations in our NSF ISO 9001 certified facility. Rigdon Labs, one of the world’s leading natural supplement innovators prides itself in only incorporating the most natural and highest quality raw ingredients.Though our products are manufactured in Utah, we are proudly based in Mississippi. This allows us to keep costs low, have a larger warehouse, impose stricter standards, and much more. 

NO FILLERS, NO BINDERS, AND CERTIFIED NON-GMO INGREDIENTS. Through our signature formulaic methods, Rigdon Labs is able to create an ingredient combination that is 100% natural as well as Non-GMO certified. In addition, our v-caps lack all fillers, binders, magnesium stearate, and preservatives that many inferior brands use today. Put your trust in us and you can be sure we’ll keep a constant, close eye on the purity of our products.

CREATED BY INDUSTRY EXPERTS. Our dietary supplement is the result of unmatched science, research and numerous amounts of testing, making us leading innovators in the world of natural health solutions. All of our distinctive formulas are made by a group of skilled laboratory professionals to guarantee maximum effectiveness.

UNRIVALED PRODUCT SAFETY. The Rigdon Labs Joint Pain Formula is thoroughly tested for security and integrity of the capsules. We use multiple seals for protection, and each bottle leaves the facility only after being personally inspected by our team of safety experts.

THIRD PARTY ENSURED. Nothing is more significant to us than transparency, safety, and quality of what we create. Proceeding supplement manufacturing, labeling, and sealing, we take brand integrity even further by engaging 3rd party, independent labs to re-test the purity of our formulas, analyze our completed products, and verify that the ingredients used by Rigdon Labs are 100% pure, safe and in alignment with the amounts listed on our dietary supplement bottle labels.

SECURE SUPPLIER AUDIT. Each batch of raw ingredients are required to be bought from suppliers who undergo a reliable auditing process to guarantee they meet our FDA-approved quality control guidelines.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS. Our team of in-house dieticians and laboratory technicians visually analyze each bottle during the manufacturing procedures.

DEDICATION TO OUTSTANDING QUALITY. Rigdon Labs manufactures premium products using perfectly balanced amounts of the purest nutrients mother nature has to offer. In addition to employing the latest technologies available, our fundamental mission is to provide natural, safe, dietary solutions to improve your quality of life and of all those who use our solutions to enhance their health. Not only do we use rigorous testing and put effort into each bottle that comes off our lines, but our devotion to each and every one of our customers is unparalleled in the desire to create the best natural health supplements available on the market.